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Our main focus is accounting services that include taxation and auditing. We have a department dedicated to the establishment and amendments of Trusts & the Incorporation of Companies.
We have a legal department dedicated to certain specialised property and commercial transactions where tax is involved as well as an estate planning division specialising in wills and estates.
We offer free consultations to our clients and have a 24-hour feedback rule to ensure sufficient service.
Our competent staff has training on a regular basis to ensure up to date knowledge on all aspects of the VAT & Income Tax laws.

Accounting Services

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Accounting & Tax services

Monthly Bookkeeping

Registrations with South African Revenue Services (SARS):

Registrations with Department of Labour

Administrative Services

Free Consultation:

Trust & Company Services

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Trust Services:

Legal Entities services & Registrations;

Legal Entities and services of Company amendments:

Annual return submissions:

Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI):



If you really put all your energy behind something there is nothing you can't reach." - Anthony de Villiers

Medtax & Co. was established 14 years ago by Anthony de Villiers. Our approach to our market is to have an all-in-one service to our clients. We strive to have sufficient, loyal and friendly services to our clients.

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To give surpreme advice and assistance on legal and related matters, in specific Property law, through the effective utilization of all the resources available to us in the constant strive of delighting our clients

A company can however not be successful if it only concentrates internally on its own operations. It has to be in touch with its environment and the changes taking place therein. It is for this purpose that we also believe in forging valuable external networks, which again are used in improving our overall levels of service and advice.

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What Clients Say?

As I have been a client of Anthony de Villiers for twelve years, I have yet to work with someone as meticulous with numbers and calculations as he is.

Brenda Myburgh

I have been a client of Anthony’s for ten years. Anthony is a very bright and personable individual who knows his work inside-out. He is highly self-motivated, independent and efficient – three qualities that someone working at an accountant’s position cannot do without.

Nicholaas Hendriks

I have been client for fourteen years. I have yet to come across an individual who welcomes leadership opportunities and meets deadlines as fastidiously as Anthony does. He has played a pivotal role in many financing activities and funding proposals directed towards me and my businesses – a project that was wholly important.

Leon Lategan

A client for eleven years at Medtax. Anthony is passionate about accounting figures along with a great ability to handle even the most complex of calculations, Anthony is in a league of his own. He is always willing to take on new challenges and responsibilities and this quality has led him to achieve the business he has today.

Gerhard Stemmet.